Foamnasium Large Block, Blue

Foamnasium Large Block, Blue
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The Foamnasium Large Block, while it may look simple, often the simplest things can trigger the imagination of a child. Climbable? Check. Moveable? Check. Stackable? Check. King of the mountain? Check.Pair the Foamnasium Large Block with other Foamnasium products and it become the missing piece in a foam playground unique to your child

The play possibilities are endless for your child with the set of Foamnasium Large Block Soft Play. The large blocks, made from resilient vinyl guaranteed to be soft, are perfect for children who love to build castles, towers, and any other structure. Use the blocks to build a small table, an ottoman, or a seat. Also, they can be combined with the Foamnasium wedge, bleacher bench, tunnel, and other items to create a soft, safe play area. Your climbers and crawlers will love them. The set…

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Foamnasium Large Block, Blue

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